Strategy Development Services

Effective marketing begins with a well-crafted strategy that serves as your roadmap to success.

My Strategy Development Services are designed to build your foundation, providing a marketing framework that resonates with your business objectives and fuels sustainable growth.

I understand that every business has its unique challenges and opportunities, which is why my services are not one-size-fits-all. I cater to a diverse clientele, from startups eager to make their mark to established companies looking to innovate and expand. Whether you’re crystallizing your initial marketing concept or refining existing strategies to capture new market opportunities, I'm here to offer guidance, expertise, and the analytical acumen necessary for your journey.

Aligning with your vision, we'll delve into the core of your business to create strategies that not only reflect your company’s ethos but also leverage market dynamics to your advantage. My strategic process is collaborative and thorough, ensuring that we identify and articulate a clear path to your objectives. With our partnership, you're equipped to make informed decisions, allocate resources effectively, and position your brand for a future of success.

AM Strategy Intensive

Unlock the potential of your marketing with the AM Strategy Intensive, a streamlined session crafted for small to medium-sized businesses eager to elevate their market presence swiftly. This strategic offering is all about efficiency and impact, delivering a tailor-made marketing strategy that integrates seamlessly into your operations.

Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses seeking to fast-track their marketing effectiveness with a targeted approach, as well as those who value a strategic compass that combines the depth of a comprehensive assessment with the agility of a swift, executable plan.

The AM Strategy Intensive cuts through the clutter to provide a laser-focused blueprint that pinpoints the most effective ways to engage your audience. You'll move beyond the one-size-fits-all strategy with a customized, actionable plan that's not only thoughtful but also primed for prompt deployment.

The AM Strategy Intensive distills years of marketing acumen into actionable steps, laying the groundwork for robust growth. With the AM Strategy Intensive, you receive more than insights—you gain a practical, dynamic strategy without the extended timelines or expenses typically associated with in-depth consultancy firms.

Step into a partnership where your immediate marketing needs are understood and met with precision, providing you with the tools and strategies needed to not just compete, but to lead in your market space.

Key Features of AM Strategy Intensive

  • Pre-Session Research and Analysis: A comprehensive dive into your business's ecosystem, examining market trends, competitive landscape, and audience insights to maximize the effectiveness of our strategy session.
  • Intensive Strategy Workshop: A dedicated full-day workshop where we collaborate to pinpoint your core marketing objectives and uncover unique opportunities, crafting a robust approach to your business challenges.
  • Custom Marketing Strategy: A strategic blueprint custom-fitted to your business, detailing precise actions for reaching your goals, including market segmentation, brand positioning, and competitive differentiation.
  • Channel Strategy and Tactics: Expertly curated advice on optimal marketing channels and practical tactics tailored to engage your audience, spanning digital realms to traditional media as required.
  • Implementation Roadmap: A clear and detailed action plan, laying out the steps for strategy deployment complete with timelines, milestones, and assigned responsibilities for streamlined execution.
  • Resource and Budget Plan: Strategic counsel on resource distribution and budgeting designed to optimize your marketing investment and maximize returns.
  • Measurement and Success Criteria: A suite of defined KPIs and metrics for ongoing tracking of your strategy's performance, coupled with guidance on the tools and methods for effective measurement.
  • Content and Messaging Framework: Development of a messaging framework that encapsulates your brand's essence and communicates your value proposition clearly to your target audience.
  • Quick Wins and Immediate Actions: Identification of immediate 'quick win' initiatives that can be swiftly enacted to kickstart your journey and gain early momentum.
  • Follow-up Support: 30 days of post-delivery email support to assist with any queries or fine-tuning as you embark on the implementation of your strategy.

Insight Intensive

A concentrated dose of expert advice, the Insight Intensive is perfect for immediate, actionable insights. Also known as the ‘Power Hour’, this allows my clients to address urgent challenges or make rapid-fire decisions with confidence.

Insight Intensive is ideal for marketing leaders in need of immediate, specialized counsel.  For those weighing a more extensive engagement, an Insight Intensive serves as the perfect preview of the comprehensive expertise and potential of a CMO, without the full-scale commitment

The Insight Intensive is a sixty-minute session offering sharp, actionable insights tailored to your marketing and brand needs. This conversation is designed to cut through the clutter and provide practical advice that can be acted upon immediately, perfect for tackling specific marketing issues or refreshing strategies efficiently.

This Insight Intensive opens the door to a wealth of marketing intelligence, offering a strategy-focused consultation within an intensive hour. Prepare to uncover fresh perspectives on your marketing challenges and conclude with definitive actions to elevate your marketing efforts.

Key Features of Insight Intensive Services

  • A detailed pre-session questionnaire designed to drill down to the core of your marketing needs.
  • 60 minutes of one-on-one time with a seasoned marketing executive.
  • Expert analysis and targeted advice on 1-2 key marketing priorities of your choice.
  • A post-session summary email outlining the key strategies discussed, with actionable steps for immediate implementation.

Half Day Consultation 

Take a transformative step with my Half Day Consultation Sessions, designed for businesses poised for growth but seeking expert strategic refinement. This immersive session is all about honing your marketing strategy, where we dissect and analyze your current efforts, offering clear and actionable advice on essential improvements to help you meet your business objectives.

Ideal for companies that already have a robust marketing team but are looking for a fresh perspective to recalibrate their strategy, these sessions provide consultative, strategic guidance to sharpen your marketing edge. If your strategy is already in place but could benefit from the seasoned eye of a marketing executive, a Half Day Consultation will refine and optimize your path forward.

Furthermore, for those considering a Fractional CMO but wishing to understand the process and value beforehand, this session offers a succinct preview into the strategic depth and impact a Fractional CMO can deliver. It's a concentrated dose of expertise, setting the stage for informed decisions about your marketing leadership needs.

Key Features of a Half Day Consultation Session

  • Pre-Session Questionnaire: Begin with a deep dive into your marketing realm through our detailed questionnaire, designed to distill your current strategies, ambitions, and areas seeking enhancement.
  • Strategy Review Document: Receive a comprehensive analysis of your existing marketing efforts, where we spotlight your strategy's strengths and tactically address areas with room for growth and optimization.
  • Focused Consultation: Engage in an intensive, half-day consultation that delves into the core of your marketing challenges and goals. Expect a session rich with insights, providing you with clear directives to refine your marketing strategy.
  • Actionable Recommendations: Walk away with a tailored set of actionable steps, devised for quick implementation to elevate your marketing strategy promptly and effectively.
  • aFollow-Up Action Plan: Ensure sustained momentum with a follow-up action plan that lays out the immediate next steps, assigns responsibilities, and sets timelines, keeping your marketing trajectory on course.

Strategizing the right path for your marketing endeavors is essential to stand out in today’s competitive landscape.  Each session is a step toward unlocking your brand's potential and propelling your business forward.

Interested in detailed guidance on how to refine your strategy, align with your market, and measure your success? Contact me for a personalized discussion. We’ll collaborate to define the scope of your needs and outline a strategy that ensures your marketing efforts make an impact where it counts.

"A solid marketing strategy is the North Star for any business — it illuminates the path to success, guides your decisions, and ensures that every step taken is a step toward achieving your most ambitious goals."

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